Server.js not updating

I update my server file but the changes do not apply.

JavaScript client files update but server files do not.

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It’s the same for me…

Try copying your code,and maybe restart your computer, or reload the page. If not, maybe copying your code and create a new project?

Sorry to hear that - If you can provide your project URLs we can take a look at this for you.

Yeah, it happens from time to time in the last days…

Thanks for reporting!

Unfortunately we don’t see any error in our logs so we are really interested in knowing more about this problem, so that we can take actions immediately.

If you ever happen to see this problem again, please report it here as quick as you can so that we can investigate directly on the running project and find the bug faster.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Happy Gomixing!

I remix’d the project and it all worked fine!

Love what you guys are doing at Great stuff!

Good to hear :slight_smile:

We are here for any problem that can arise!

Happy coding