Server Side Caching in express


I am new to node.js caching and I recently heard about Caching being used in Express projects. This is because my friend made a Statistics website with express.js and used caching that will load the stats fast than having to GET request every time and use up resources (CPU, Memory) etc.

I’ve looked at an example for Caching, and this one seem to be deprecated. I’ve been developing a Rest API that is doing Image Gen. Random Jokes, GIFs and Image Gen to get stats from a Minecraft Server API etc. The Image Gen uses up at least 5-10% of my CPU and can be a problem for my API resources.

Since caching is a solution to making things load faster and improve performance. I wonder how this is being done and how it can manage my API. I’ve haven’t done this before and would like some help and advice, that’ll be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: