Server stability problems for the last 24 hours


I keep trying to work on my project but the server stability problems at the moment make it somewhat worse than if HyperDev were just down altogether. It keeps letting me do a few minutes of work and then loses the connection to the server for some minutes. On the bright side, I don’t seem to be losing any work when it does come back.

Eager to hear updates from the HyperDev folks. And I will try to stop torturing myself by obsessively trying to make progress on my project in the meantime, until I hear that things are looking better. (Or if it’s not happening to everyone and I should try remixing my project or something, would be great to hear that too.)

Thanks so much for all the hard work on this! I hope these bug reports are helpful!


We’re definitely having some instability today. I predict it will be a little spotty until we can do a deeper diagnosis tomorrow. I’ll reply here when we are feeling more confident that it is cleared up. Thanks for your patience!


Hi @dreeves!

In addition to Daniel’s comment, I wanted to say sorry for our intermittent availability today. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the core infrastructure of HyperDev in response to today’s instability and generally to address the lost work and previous individual stability issues we’ve seen and discussed in this forum.

I’m glad to hear that you’re not seeing lost work this time - that and general stability have been the focus of our most recent work, which we are going to continue as we continue to pin down where the bugs are.

We’ve made some progress on this, and pushed more fixes today that should help with stability, but also, in the event of individual project issues, allow your projects to rebuild without our intervention. We these fixes will help with the availability of your project,

Your patience and constructive feedback have been really useful, so thanks very much for both!

As Daniel said, when we’re confident that we’ve knocked all of these bugs on the head, we’ll post some more detail here.

Thanks again!


Oh yeah, I meant to also include an idea Daniel had earlier: as soon as the client sees that it can’t reach the server, switch the editor to read-only. I’m now trained to stop typing when I see the little red popup on the right, but those who haven’t learned that may lose work whenever this happens.

Even when the stability issues are solved it’s probably worth doing that for people on flaky networks.


Yeah we have a case open with our design team to make it clear when things aren’t saving - this will help for this issue, but as you say, will also be useful for connection probs too longer term.


This seemed to get vastly better over the last 24 hours, but unless it’s just me, HyperDev seems to now be down. On edge of seat for updates about stability issues!

UPDATE: And lost some work. :frowning: It’s possible I was too absorbed in editing and didn’t notice the red popup warning of connection failure. (No internet issues on my end, btw.)


We had a hiccup with our auth service this morning, which I think is what hit your project. But otherwise, things look a lot more stable after deploying a number of fixes yesterday evening. But we’ll continue to plug away at it.


(more downtime tonight. just for the IDE, sites are still functioning.)


The stability whack-a-mole continues! Auth service again. Hopefully some more changes we have going out next week will beat them into submission.


Things have been seeming much better lately! I just had a project fail to load for maybe 30 seconds but then it was fine. This seems in line with Joel’s SLA of “all the 8’s you want”. :slight_smile:


Definitely noticing either “saved” updates not persisting*, or updates persisting but not carrying over to the live site.

[object CustomEvent]
/index.min.js:7:19202 e.O.onerror()
/index.min.js:5:16178 HTMLDivElement.()
/index.min.js:5:17840 WebSocket.a.onerror()

Is there any way to force a deploy of my code to the site?

Refresh app on changes is selected.


Yeah, we’ve seen these too. The guys are mid-way through a fix so hopefully we’ll have the underlying cause resolved in the next few days.


Cool, thank you!

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An update on this: things are still pretty choppy as we’re investigating but it’s a great chance to try out the GitHub export feature to keep a backup :slight_smile:

We’ll let you know when things clear up a bit, thanks for your patience!


Just tried to, but it failed out. Any tips?


One quirk is if it’s a new repo then it needs to be initialized with a commit first, like if you click “Add Readme/License” or something.


Slightly further now, I don’t get that error in the UI, but pressing the
github connect button now does nothing and in the console there’s this


I have a problem where hyperDev saves what I am typing but the live demo is update-less, stuck in a save state before I closed a string so the application is broken. May just be me but I don’t think I have that bad of an internet connection.

But I do want to say, hyperDev is freaking awesome! it is exactly what I was looking for. A perfect balance between codepen and cloud 9. Thanks for this

UPDATE: Hyper Devs save reverted to the version that the demo page was showing, I reupdated it but it still isn’t updating


Also just to clear it up, I have the demo set to auto update, the code has been saved for about 30 min now without an update even though the demo page looks like its updating (a page refresh).
on hyper dev edit page


And on the demo page