'Serving at (ip address), (ip address), (ip address)' results in not building/starting my project

Hey! I am back again, each time glitch.com tries to build/start my project. It prints out ‘Serving at http://21a10bd3adc9:3000,,’ and just quits there. I don’t think it has anything to do with my code, since it worked previously just fine. Any known solution/problem causing this?

Thanks for taking your time reading this!

Hey @Naomiora, this might be related to what sort of app Glitch thinks you’re trying to start. This is all predicated on whether you have a package.json, glitch.json, requirements.txt, or none of the above. If you can share your project name we might be able to offer some specific guidance.

Thanks for your response, since you said the part “glitch.json” I realized, I didn’t have glitch.json in my github repository meaning it won’t be there when I import it from github. I have it fixed now. I currently only have one question, should I make a tutorial on running java (with maven) projects on glitch.com?

Thanks again!

Ah, yes, that would do it!

We’ve definitely had folks inquiring about using Java in Glitch projects, and my suspicion is that if we start adding additional official support for languages other than Node, Java will probably be further down the list. So yes, I think a tutorial would be very welcome!

A lot of folks put tutorials in The Gallery, and that would probably be a good place for this if you do get around to it.

Let us know if we can help at all!