Set up Sequelize or other ORM?


I’m testing out hyperdev and would like to setup Sequelize to demonstrate a bug.

  • Would this be a good use-case?
  • Do I have acces to some kind of database?
  • Can I search existing repos to se if someone set up a boilerplate?


There’s a DyanmoDB bundled with each project in HyperDev, and I’m not familiar with Sequelize but I’m assuming it’s SQL-based, so that key-value store probably isn’t what you want. You could probably spin-up a free Heroku postgres db instead.

You can’t search example projects yet - there’s just what we manually surface on the community site, or what people post to The Gallery, but I don’t recall seeing anything that uses Sequelize. However, any existing code from GitHub should just work and you can import a repo from GItHub into HyperDev if needs be.


Having officially-supported data stores could be really helpful., jsfiddle, etc. are used to demonstrate front-end code only, and don’t support NodeJS or long-term storage. If you could offer this, it would be a differentiator.

In my mind, you sort of need one of each of these: memory-based KVP storage like memcached or Redis, NoSQL (Dynamo), and relational like Postgres.

Of course, the downside to offering these is it encourages people to use your service as an application host rather than code sharing.


We’ll definitely be looking into better data storage options, thanks for the feedback.


Just wanted to point out that having a backend is already a pretty big differentiator from jsfiddle et al :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah good point :stuck_out_tongue: