Set up Vigil Statuspage

How can i setup ? Because it doesnt seem to work

this is written in rust, are you aware?

Yes im aware of that, is it possible to use Rust on Glitch?

If im right it IS possible

Okay, so it would be possible to get Vigil working? I think it needs package.json to run it or something??

Hey @GhostSlayer! I’m no Rust expert, but it looks like you’ll need to set your package.json’s start script to

start: "cargo run"

Check out ~rust-web-server as an example of running Rust servers on Glitch.


I only get this when i added that :frowning:

Looks like its tried to do something you need sudo for


I dont think it needs sudo for that. Its just blocking something else, but i dont know what it is blocking.

If the project is giving permission denied it means your getting blocked by Glitch’s protective measure on file access