Setting projects to private through editor does not work

I’m not exactly sure where to put this but when you private a project through the editor, it doesn’t save. Does Glitch know about this bug?


yes, you have put this in the right category, and I don’t think Glitch knows about this, I’ll let @glitch_support know!

Yes, it doesn’t work for me as well, but the good news is that, if you click on the link to a private project, you get a Not found page!

My website is a private project and it seems to save.

Hi! I’m sorry that privacy toggle within the Project Editor is not saving your changes!

I have notified the team and will provide an update once it is fixed.

That’d be great, thanks!

Hi @yogurtsyum and friends!

This has been fixed. You should now be able to use the Private Project toggle from within the editor again.

Please give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, let us know.

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