Setup github actions

i wanted to setup github actions for my python telegram bot , so that whenever i push to github it automatically pushes to glitch repo !

how to i do it ??

i was doing something like actions.yml but it didn’ work , maybe i am doing something wrong !
any help appreciated .
Thank you !

Hi @AdityaT, welcome to the Glitch forum!

By default if you use the built-in GitHub export we only export to the Glitch branch since we overwrite the entire branch when exporting and we don’t want to destroy your existing work. You can manage this in GitHub by creating a pull request and merging those changes into your master branch in GitHub. There’s no way built in to change this.

You also have access to the console for your project where you can use git commands directly. It looks like that’s what you’re looking to do from the actions file you sent. Are you running into any specific error you can show us, or can you give us additional information, perhaps including your project name?

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