Share information from project to project

I am trying to send information from a json file that holds stats of my Discord Bot over to a stats website I am also making on glitch to eventually create a line chart (which I may need help on)

How can I do this?

There are 3 solutions for this.

  1. Host a database and have both projects connect to that same database to store info.

  2. Make the website in the same project as the bot. (Basically just host an express server in server.js or your main file as well as the bot)

  3. This post explains the third solution: How to get information of a other glitch project?

  1. Make your bot make post requests to the web server on a secret url(like /totallynotaurltoupdatebotdata).

This is sort of what my solution 3 is, but yes, this is another solution.

I wonder if it would be possible to open a 2 way websockets channel between to servers. That could be a feature for glitch

For your first solution, I’m not too sure how to do that and it honestly sounds complicated. The second solution, I have tried to make the website on the same project as the rest of the bot but I am also not too sure how to work it properly. I do use express already in my project to get it pinged and have it stay awake using UptimeRobot but I don’t fully understand the rest of what you said in the second solution.

The third solution, I saw that post before and I haven’t gotten in to API and didn’t understand the examples. I replied and was told to create a new thread.