Share x discord bot

Anyone willing to help me setup the share x discord bot project on one of my boosted projects? Ive tried and haven’t been successful. I can throw you a few dollars via PayPal or gift you discord nitro

Can I have a link to what you want to set up?

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I don’t believe it’s called share x. But I know it’s the fork of share x with the added discord functions. Or if anyone else has made a modified hastening with discord bot. I just want a code shareing platform specifically with discord features. Doesn’t have to be a discord bot. A webhook notification of posted content would be enough im open to plenty of options if snyone knoes of anything else besides what i mentionrd

Yessir give me one min

Edit: here’s the link to the repo

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Can you try using these commands in the Glitch terminal on the project you want to use. Then type refresh command and tell me what files are there

git clone
cd ShareX-Upload-Server
chmod +x
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Yup, I’ll let you know what happens. Thank you!

I’ve tried setting this up on Glitch in the past but I’ve had trouble…

@ClearlyElevated if you pay me like 5$ I can host it on my vps if you want

I have a VPS. I don’t intend on using it for much. That’s why I was hoping a boosted project would suffice

ooo basically ShareX upload Server + discord bot is what you want.


The first result I found already has some discord features like administration through discord

you can list out some other features you want and I can try to add them

Thats the one im trying to set up but i cant figure it out