Sharing Link brings "Maintenance" Preview

When sharing my website with others I get a Maintenance preview for the link.

It seems all systems are up on and was wondering how or if I can fix this on my project. Thanks
Screenshot_2020-06-13 MemeWars Minds

I’ll check it out. That’s the link - right?

It might just be you @MindsGaming

I shared on DC

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Weird, maybe it’s cached or something on the network site. Thanks man!

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No problem! Not that I helped much…

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You helped me know its not on Glitch’s side lmao thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I guess I helped a bit…

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Hey @MindsGaming, this is most likely due to caching (something that many websites do). If you were to clear the clients cache you would notice that it would no longer show Maintenance

They load up the site to check what the title is. And usually the title is “Maintenance,” because usually the project is asleep. They’re not going to give Glitch special treatment and wait around. As far as they know, they loaded up the site and saw the title of “Maintenance.”

If you really want to avoid this behavior, wake up the project manually before sending the link.

Oh and vote on my feature idea :rofl: Opt out of "Waking up" interstitial

@wh0 @MindsGaming
this should explain caching to you