Sharing UI/UX seems unintuitive

I wanted to share a project with another account, so I clicked on the Share button.

That gave me the Invite Others to Edit link.

I assumed that clicking the link would take me to a page/UI to invite others to edit.

However, clicking the link just gave me a sad face in the current file (the README).

It was only by trial and error that I realised that the link had to be followed by the other user (the one to be invited).

Is there a better way to do this? Seems quite unintuitive at the moment, and different from any other user admin interface I’ve encountered.

(Thanks for all the good work, by the way. Love Glitch!)

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the join link being clickable is confusing - the other links aren’t, so we should at least be consistent there. I’ll raise this with the team.