Shop Riverside Rocks: I am open sourcing my online store!

Shop Riverside Rocks

Live Demo:

Short Video:

I recently got finished with my online shop and wanted to show it off! It is fully working and I plan to open source it in the next few days.


  • Item Pages
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Pay with Venmo


Right now, this is really just a demo, I don’t have my Venmo linked (yet) and I still have not added photos of the products just yet. I do plan to do this in the future, however.

To Do List

Touch up checkout page UI
Use webhooks with Venmo

Open Source

I will be linking the github repo in the next few days as I have the code in my website repo which I do not have public (I have private API keys).

Feedback? Questions? Hate? Reply to this thread!


looks nice!, Is this an template or will you be actually selling stuff?

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I do plan to sell some stuff, I just have to link my Venmo account.

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cool. But is it allowed to sell stuff in glitch websites?

From what I’ve heard, as long as you don’t do malicious (abuse of infrastructure like crypto miners), you should be good.

oh heck finally, i can steal this code for the sake of learning new code!

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I think that you should replace buy buttons with “Add to cart”, because that might confuse people. Great job on design, I like your color scheme.
P.S. I know I’ve said this before but your shop reminds me of kahoot


@RiversideRocks you’re lucky today:

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Just set up the repo:


What about integrating Square?

Personally I though Venmo was easiest as you don’t need to install anything with composer and all you need is a link.

But feel free fork the repo and do whatever you want, I would be curious to see what you guys do with it.

What about adding shirts and tote bags?

Like I said, you guys can do whatever you want with it, I just have a few products that I plan to sell.

Adding more products is pretty easy, you just need to copy and paste for the most part.

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@RiversideRocks We are sorry, but it appears that you are using a VPN. Your message was not sent. I wasn’t using a VPN. Try fixing this…

Odd… I will look into fixing that.

Also I noticed on your website Lisence should be License.

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I should fix that too! I also plan to make an update log on my site.

Also Staus should be Status. How about integrating a Bug Report?

In my discord server I do use webhooks to show when I have a new commit to my website so that is the closest thing I have at the moment.

I will look into bug reports too.

Also, I suggest making your site mobile friendly.


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