Shopster - create your own product affiliate website

Project URL:

Shopster lets you create your own product affiliate website. You can create a website similar to in 5 minutes.

Stack : NodeJS/Express/EJS/MongoDB

V1.0.0 - Documentation :

Roadmap :

  • Adding some endpoints for Category.
  • Create User profiles to save/share links



Cool! I really like it.

Also, the logo I noticed was just an svg icon released under CC0, the social icons on the footer don’t work, and the login screen shows “Whatever cardigan tote bag tumblr hexagon brooklyn asymmetrical gentrify.”

Hello. Thanks for your feedback. This is normal, It’s up to you to customize it. It’s just a “dummy” website with Placeholders for demo purpose.
You can see it as a Framework,



looks pretty nice


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: !

Good design, I like your way of layouting everything. I also really enjoy your color palette

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:
All credits goes to Tailwind CSS & for the design, I just integrate them.


The login returns 404 for some reason ???

It returns 302 then 404 and I land on this page :

Is that normal ?

Nice Raspberian

Hello Seb, thanks for your feedback.
You are on the wrong route, you can access your Login page via /users/login

I was redirected there from /users/login

After clicking the login button

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Nice one Seb! You found a bug!
It’s now fixed.

Cheers :v:

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