Should I use DBM or learn djs

all i need is opinions

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you should use DBM if you have no prior experiencing and you don’t want to learn djs otherwise you should learn djs for the flexibility and ease.


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ps I use discord.js although discord.js is not the only language so you should feel free to explore any other discord library (there are tons)

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I would checkout is very easy to use and completely for beginners too. You only need basic Python skills and you’re set.

Hello there,

From my experience, Discord Bot Maker drastically limits your client [bot] and you will not be able to add or custom your application, the way you desire. If you think your bot doesn’t have to be customizable.

I would recommend you to learn JavaScript before using Discord.js since it is just a wrapper for Discord API, which is in fact, a JavaScript module. So you will have to learn the basics of JavaScript before continuing.

Happy Glitching!

Well, I would start off with DBM for beginners and then maybe use their code as an example to learn discord.js

AFAIK, you cannot do that, since DBM uses C# (C Sharp).

I’d personally use Discord.js as I have more control, I’d stay away from DBM as the code isn’t designed to be edited, etc.

@Doggo I do agree with what you are saying. The only problem is Glitch doesn’t currently support very well.

@chroventer DBM actually uses JS however, their code is a complete mess and its far easier to use Discord.js or another libary.

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I did forget to mention Glitch does not support Python at the moment, but there are many cheap hosting options. DigitalOcean is very easy to use, and the best part is that it’s flexible pricing options.

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You can tweak Glitch app and work with Python, however, Python support is not official.
Here’s a collection of Python related projects: