Show in a new window problem

whenever i do show in a new winfow it show up at a new window but!
it stops at starting idk whats the problem.

like this

why it doenst show up in a new winfow when i click on it

Can you show us your logs?

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yes sure i caaaaan

here it issss

You two event listeners for the same event.

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It looks like you’re running a program that doesn’t serve a website (a bot, in this case). The “show in a new window” button is meant to open an app that’s a website, so it gets stuck when it finds out there’s nothing to be shown. See the starter project hello-express for how you can add a webserver to your program.

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illll seeee thank uuuuu for uuuur response

i wanna like open my project in a new window so i can get the link for hosting my bot

You can’t ping projects anymore. It is against the tos.


so how can i let my bot online… ‘’ even if i sleep

You have to buy Glitch Premium now to keep your app online 24/7. There’s no free way that is allowed to do so.


oh that’s sad :frowning: