Show original project when remixing?

I think there should be an option to show the original remix a project came off from so that no code stealing could happen unnoticed. And like scratch, a copyright (date) symbol might help.

I suppose this could be possible as you can find the “remix chain” via the API.

Copyright on Scratch is much different on Glitch. It’s been a while since my scratch days, but if I remember correctly, every project is placed under a creative commons license. On Glitch, the developer can pick any license they want for a FOSS project, so a one size fits all license wouldn’t work on Glitch.

However, Glitch should note what license a project is using based on the contents of the LICENSE file (where the contents of the license are).


Snap(block based) has something similar to what your thinking of

I like the snap one more,as it gives credit to both creators when you click on the remixes

Every time a new project gets created, it is remixed from either one of the three basic templates(~hello-webpage, ~hello-express and ~hello-sqlite), so if copyright date symbols and owner info were to be shown, it would be a very long list.

I would be neat for the API to show what license a project has (if it has one).


Like the API endpoint to fetch READMEs.

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Yep, just like that.

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I meant something like

(without any remix list showing in the original remix)

Hey! Just stating: The remix project doesn’t prevent anything on scratch. The user can just download the project and upload it as his own.

  1. This isn’t scratch, as @RiversideRocks stated, we can choose our own licences. Unlike scratch where all projects are licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0, we can choose whatever licence we want, and even make one up.
  2. You can find it at:{project-domain}

Under remixChain. It’s an array of project IDs:

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