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Whenever I click Show my app, it says off. Can you help me?


Sure, let us know your project name and we can take a look.


My app:


There are some errors in your index.js code causing it to not work. In particular, be sure to copy your credentials into the secure .env file and not into the js file, which other people can view if your app is public. I suggest remixing from the Box example project again, and generating new credentials which you only put in the .env file.


My new link is: Box App


What errors do you see in the logs? Remixing that app and supplying credentials works fine. That suggests you’ve either missed some of the fields in the .env file or your credentials are wrong.


This is what it says in my log:
.env: line 9: ENCRYPTED: command not found
6:11 PM


Sounds like one of your environment variables is missing a =. Make sure each entry in .env has the format VARIABLE=value e.g CLIENTID=1234