Sidebar not updating when I push with Git

I’m doing a lot of dev locally using VSCode.

When I want to see my changes on Glitch, I push to a “dev” branch, go to my project on Glitch, open the terminal there, and git merge dev to get my changes in. At that point my changes deploy just fine, but the files in the file browser thing (at the far left) do not update to reflect the new files.

How do I force Glitch to refresh the file view?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @cmcculloh - if you are making changes to Glitch via the terminal, run the refresh command and that will sync the editor UI with those changes!

Thanks @jenn! When I do that it crashes my browser tab and I have to reload the whole page… Thankfully, when it comes back up the editor UI does indeed match what I’m expecting to see. Is this (crashing) a known bug? Or should I log a bug report (once I figure out where/how to do so)?

That’s not a known bug - you should email with what browser, version, and operating system you’re using so we can try to replicate!

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Have you thought about adding react error boundaries

so reports about what section of the editor can be made and so you can still keep using the editor, if let’s say the logs crash.