Sign-in bug kicks you back to the sign-in page even though credentials are correct

Will not post a gif because, well, private login information, but the steps to recreate are:

  1. Visit and click “Password”
  2. Enter info and complete captcha
  3. Click “Sign in”

Normally what should happen is the website brings you to the dashboard for step 4, however, on many instances, it takes you back to step one.

To actually sign in, you must complete the steps, then visit the homepage, then repeat the steps again and then you are in.

This has been ongoing for several months but I have not gotten the time to do so until now.


Hi @aboutDavid, sorry you’ve been having issues logging in. In most cases clearing your browser cache should fix the issue. Passed this on to our engineers in case it needs investigated further!

This happens multiple times to me, just try everything below to see if it works:

1. wait OR
2. Try again OR
3. Clear cache OR
4. Try magic link