Simple javascript (node)-based webclip creator

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With this project you can simply (automagically) create a webclip that will work across iOS versions 5 to 12.

(creating a profile to install a webapp).

You can either use the delivered form to enter data manually or fill your forms already to create the .mobileconfig file (eg to have a installable webapp for your website / webproject etc).

This doesn’t construct any structure, but instead replaces a preconfigured base layout of the apple mobileconfig format. I did this because it was way faster and easy to implement than constructing something cryptic. But you’re free to use any method here.

I did this project as a simple training for filling predefined templates with node.
And because all the other webclip constructors were sluggish, huge, bad, outdated (no updates, support, old programming languages etc) and because i wanted a fast, working solution.

tl;dr: Created a apple webclip maker for webapps using a template and replacing based on a form.

May break in future iOS updates.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: .

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edit: will likely break in a future iOS 12 release, or at least the profiles will be harder to install. make sure to also offer your users a way to add the current page as homepage. an idea to use the certficates are things like: “you wouldn’t need to login manually each time / every x”, as you can include access keys etc. in the dynamic certificate, which may not bee too cool to setup via the meta url, but possible too.