Simple Password Protection

I would really like to be able to add simple password protection to the live app.

Ideally I just have to check a box to password protect, and then type in the password I want.

cookies, and a login, if the login is right, assign a cookie, saying LET ME IN!!!

some like this should work:

if ( ELEMENT___ANSWER == "password_here"){
   document.cookie = "name=p;value=true;path=*"

document.addEventListener("onload", function(){
   //check for cookie = true here

of course, this is basic, and can be beaten with some simple source viewing and obtaining the password, but this is just an example!

so, we don’t need passwords, because we have something like that at our side, but, yes, a password protection system would be good!

The spirit of my request is something which can’t be beaten just by looking at the source.

backend header collecting, or backend cookie collecting could be an option


Just using html to block the signals coming from the keyboard that open the chrome dev console

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But you have my vote!


Would definitely feel better to have my projects secured.