Since subscribing I can no longer Remix a Project

Bit of a weird one, I’ve been playing with the following project and remixing my own without any issues on the free service. Today I subscribed and paid and since then the existing projects no longer run (just blank preview/landing url) and even if I try and remix a project again, I still get blank preview/landing url.

The project I’ve been playing with is:
Rd Spatial Audio Player (

What is the difference between the free account working and subscription account not? Kind regards!

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Welcome to the community, @Sam_Hocking!
Because that seems like a bug, please email or create a help ticket at

Yeah I am running into the same thing. No new projects can be created – I just get a white page/nothing loads. Tried in incognito as well. I filed a support ticket.

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Working now?

Seems to be working, but yesterday it was random if projects would run or not. Will report back if any further issues.

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