Site feedback link in the guidelines does not exist

hi there! I was going through the guidelines and I noticed that in the “powered by you” section there’s a link that’s supposed to take you to the site feedback category however that doesn’t exist. I think it should be updated/removed if the page is no longer a thing

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It should changed to #feedback or #feature-ideas

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@EddiesTech as a Regular you should be able to do that.

No. I meant the link in the community guidelines - not this topic :slight_smile:

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I don’t think regulars can edit official glitch pages and change where they redirect

Yes - he thought I was talking about this thread, not the link in the Glitch page.

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Oh, I see.
I also emailed glitch support and hopefully they’ll look into this


You might want to check your recent credit card/paypal transitions, Glitch could just be giving you a free month to try to get you back on board.

uhhhhhhhhhhhh i sent this from my email to i did not post this here?? im so confused