Site has crashed and won't load

I just wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. I’m getting a dotenv not found in the loader. The loader is not my code of course. At the moment it won’t start and I don’t believe I changed anything recently.

Any Glitch updates recently?

Well there were odd messages in the log about access to some folders related to sqlite but I have a duplicate site for development and that one isn’t experiencing any issues. I renamed the production project and set up a new project imported from GitHub and it is working fine.

I don’t know what happened to the other one but I’m working again.

This is somewhat bad. The production site didn’t work again and returned 500 errors. I downloaded the project and ran it locally and basically had the same issues. I pushed a new version to GitHub, renamed the production project and again created a new project. It is running now I’ll see if it generates any issues. All this time my dev system (which is identical) is running fine.

Glitch log or Javascript log? Can you clear browser cache? Is this an issue with the editor or your live project?

Thanks for the reply, it’s academic now I’ve cleared out the project so I could reuse it. I noticed the system was not running when I tried to access the API from a VR app that I use. Found it had crashed with some odd message about read-only (I don’t remember) but as I mentioned it was working and I don’t recall changing anything. I set up a new project and imported the code and started it up again.

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