Site not loading as intended?

Hello, its been a long time since I posted on the glitch forum! I have been having some problems when my website has been loading incorrectly. If i load the site as a windows file i get different results in glitch.

When Loaded on Windows:

When Loaded on Glitch:

I made sure that it could access all images from an external source. I also removed package.json and made the homepage called index.html so the project will resolve to it.

I am unsure why its loading weird, any help is appreciated.

This is most likely due to your site not being able to locate your css file correctly!
May I ask what the name of the project is?

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The project name is MMUN, it is currently private and has no files other than html.

Currently you can see it at

I just realized its my browser showing it improperly not glitch! Sorry for the mistake. Thanks for your help though.