Site Not responding

my project abounding-shining-sky is a nodejs project and is not responding

  1. Please give us a share link!
  2. What kind of errors do you see in the logs?
  3. What is the expected behavior of the project?
No errors in the log
its not responding, keeps loading and at end says Site Not Responding contact support

sorry, could you give me a project edit link?

how to do that?

hold on…
Copy the link in the address bar of your browser and send it here.
Were you able to do it?

sent but awaiting approval

what approval? just send a comment.

cannot send the link


its says awaiting approval

can you send me a screenshot?

ok thanks! i’m looking at it right now

have you made any edits to this boilerplate?

yes, added some code

what exactly did you add? I can’t seem to find any errors.

there is no error,

res.json({requestBody: req.body})

added these lines

for some reason adding those lines makes it not load at all :thinking: can you try commenting them out and reloading the project?
It could also because there’s no incoming request. Are you testing this with postman or something?

yeah getting 503 after 2mins