Site will not load

my site will not load, it is stuck on starting, is anyone else having this problem?

Hi @J-Tech-Foundation,

I didn’t have this error. Are you still having this error?


it just sticks to starting up

Are there any errors in the Glitch Logs, because sometimes, errors in the project will cause the site not to load?

I had the same issue, just came back for me

Edit : it still takes super long to load my project, something is going wrong, it took almost a minute to load my page who has not even 200 lines

Hmm…it surely sounds frustrating. I’ll let @Glitch_Support know about this.

Hey @StefanYYC @J-Tech-Foundation,

Here’s an update:

Glitch is right now facing a partial outage across all services. They are currently investigating this.

how long has that been happening?

2 days?

I really don’t know :thinking:

oof, well, i guess i could put some time into learning rust / go

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