Six hours of data lost

How is it posible?

When I left to take a break at 22h, all my modifications since 1800h were gone.

My deadline is tomorrow! My last offline backup is from 1600h.

WTF!! Never gone use this service again!!

Contact for bad stuff like this. Don’t freak out next time lol


They take lots of backups (every 15 mins or so I think - or maybe every hour - can’t remember). This happened to me once and they got my project back. It had reverted for some reason. Email and give 24-48 hours for them to respond :slight_smile:


Also try to refrain from criticizing Glitch and swearing, they are against the Community Guidelines. (sorry if i’m rude)


Moving this to #glitch-help. Good work @code-alt and @eddiestech.


Just contact support. I know others have said that, but there.

Multiple answers already given - please read all posts before posting your own :slight_smile:


I know. Sorry for sort of copying you but that would have been my advice :grimacing:

But does the person need 2 answers? Its not about copying, it’s about it not being needed.

Maybe next time don’t code on Glitch when there are problems and you should work a program on a offline app. When the code is done then you could put it on Glitch otherwise not a really good idea.

Coding on Glitch is fine, but back it up to Github.


Yeah, it’s free to backup to github or bitbucket and you can have free private repos. Just don’t autobackup or you’ll be like me and have 150mb of .git data