Slackbot issues - App starts but no files in UI, no output from 'Show', sleeps

I have a project that I pulled down form github,!/periodic-muse .
It is a slackbot that starts up and runs fine. I don’t think that I have it setup properly as I have the following issues…

  1. Application apparently shuts down after inactivity from Slack
  2. The files do not appear in the UI, but I can view and edit in console.
  3. Nothing ‘shows’ when I click the show button, (no http response, or add to slack button)

I did setup a 5 minute ping from uptimerobot, but a ping is not enough to keep the server alive. I can live without the files appearing in the UI, but I need to keep this bot alive. Although, I assume my issues are likely related.

This is the original project from Github that I forked and edited for my own slack:

Take a look at the faq as it covers this stuff, in particular the technical restrictions and the part about why some files don’t show in the UI

To keep a bot alive, try creating a route and using a http request to it via a web cron service.

I guess, I should have added that I did read the FAQs and my issue is not related to those. However, it seems that if glitch is designed to not stay awake, then it is only useful for testing purposes and not hosting.

I will just migrate to my own server. I appreciate the opportunity to test.

Which files not covered by the FAQ aren’t showing but you think should?

Glitch projects sleep but are designed to wake quickly. For most non-bot purposes this is ok. For Slack bots using the Events API this also works fine. For others you can use the suggestion above.

Oh, no files are showing at all. Looks like the project is broken. If you can still access the project console, then try running the ‘refresh’ command. Failing that, create a new project and reimport. We’ll take a closer look at this one to find what’s up. If your new project also doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll take a look at the repo to see what is going wrong.

Yes, I did a refresh, no change.
The repo pulled into the /app directory, and not my-folder. I have repeated several times. The weird thing is that the project starts up fine. I just can’t keep it alive without constant use.

I think a VPS may be the best for this app.

Projects are meant to run from the /app directory. I’d recommend updating any paths in the app to relate to its position in this directory. That explains your issues like why you can’t see any files, because it displays the contents of /app and it sounds like you’re moving them out of there.