Slow package downloads

Today, I was installing packages on my VPS and I noticed that the download speeds were really slow. My server’s response time are pretty quick so I am guessing it is NPM but I am not sure. I have also tried Glitch with the same result.

Yes, I’ve been noticing this too. Vue CLI takes almost an hour to install, although it takes only takes 15 mins locally. It is also seeming
to affect development servers run using Webpack. (Run a Vue.js development server using Webpack and you’ll find that it’s really slow.)

Sometimes NPM suggests to use an NPM mirror located in China. :man_shrugging:

I am glad I am not the only one. I just git clone'd my Glitch project to my VPS with no problem. So this isn’t a problem with my VPS provider or Glitch. It would be with NPM.

And there is definitely a problem when it takes over AN HOUR to download chalk.

There’s a new version of NPM which Glitch has yet to update, could that be the reason?

Possibly, but this is also happening on my VPS which is running v14.x.

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