Slow site reponse

IS there something wrong with the site? I’m trying to use it for the FreeCodeCamp backend challenges, and it’s just not responsive. Lots of locking, freezing, etc.

No, the site is working as intended. Is the freezing/locking occurring with the editor itself or when making requests to your glitch app?

For the former, when some other users have reported similar issues they’ve often been able to resolve the problem themselves by either restarting their computer or browser if they were short on memory, or by disabling a problematic plugin. The following plugins have been known to cause issues: but of course, it could be others too.

I don’t think it’s a plugin. I had Augury and disbled it, but that doesn’t seem to fix it. The page just loads constantly:

See line 8 in package.json: , "version": "0.0.1", is invalid. Try removing the first comma.

@Gareth I have the same issue.

^^^^^^ See this

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I’m having the same issue, on 2 domains: and on The editor and everything else are fine, but not this. The Glitch status page says everything is ok.

This might have been an issue from the way they fixed it yesterday (as of this reply writing). My PC has 8gb of RAM and I tried on another, so I assume this is a hosting issue.

Please try to fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!

Don’t worry! This is not your fault.

I have no idea what you are talking about. The StatusPage still says everything is operational.

Staff have not been notified yet. Scroll down a bit to the project container section.

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If you look a bit further down, you’ll see “Project Container Availability” -
Think of this as a movie theatre with (for example) 100 seats.
Now, let’s say we have 100 projects, and each project takes one seat.
Right now, Glitch are having some problems, so in our example movie theatre, there are only (for example) 40 seats available.
That means that only 40 projects can run.

(not sure if that’s a good way to explain it)


That was yesterday. No issues for today it says.

Just because there isn’t an incident, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem - nobody has realised yet

It actually has issues. Staff is not aware yet

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Ohhhhhhhhhh… Thanks. Is there a way to notify the staff?

Not really - The best we can do is tag @glitch_support or email them, but until they notice, nothing can really be done.

What’s their email? I could try… but they probably wouldn’t respond for a while because (1) Coronavirus (2) No one reads emails these days (3) They probably have a crap ton of them already.

It’s - just be sure not to spam them!


It would be a good idea to send them an email.

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