Slow Speeds with Glitch

Seems like Glitch has been having some trouble loading projects. It’s not very consistent.

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Hi Lap!

I see you’re having issues with Glitch. Well, maybe it’s good to check out the Glitch Status site up here.

Also remember that Glitch is free for everyone and that some perks are only for paid users.

To keep your project online, you can use services like uptimerobot.

May you have any other questions, be free to reply to this message and I’ll be happy to help you :smiley:

My man is right, projects websites are very slow since yesterday it takes ton of attempts to load page correctly with all files because sometime they go 404 (same as project website)

Hey Svxxk,

Try putting this in your code, it might help to keep your project up and running :wink:
http is not a package

const http = require('http');
app.get("/", (request, response) => {
  console.log( + " Ping Received");
setInterval(() => {
}, 180000);

Their problem is not that their project sleeps, but the actual consistency of Glitch’s servers has gone down a bit.

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What else do you expect from a FREE service :thinking:

Actually, Glitch is rolling out paid plans soon. And no need to be rude.

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I was not complaining, I was simply noting from

I am not rude. Just telling the facts :wink:

True, a paid plan is coming soon and it appears to show on the front page :eyes:

Yeah, about that, that was rude

Very true. But no pressure on the staff or anything because of COVID-19.

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I thought you was talking about the cinsistency of the projects, but yes, their API Latency is a little bit ‘bad’ for today and I think the Developers of Glitch know that as well and try their best to keep Glitch top-notch :smiley:

By consistency I mean Glitch has occasional problems, and I’m fine with that, why? Because it is a free service at the moment.

Also, if we’re going to do constant debating, we should stop flooding the forums, lets take it to Discord.

Hey, Jarvo.

I’m aware of those products - but they don’t really help with the problems I’m having.
Glitch typically doesn’t have problems like these - and I was just wondering about what was going on back there. Are all the down times that are occurring caused by a specific reason?

Also, yeah it’s a free service. But they don’t always have problems like these. The main reason for my post was to bring attention to Glitch Staff and maybe get a more detailed response.

Btw, your response to Svxxk is not exactly the issue he was having. How is a site pinger going to help when its the server not serving the project correctly.

there will be a lot of staff working remotely due to COVID-19, so it may take a while…

but right now, all that matters is that the pandemic ends soon or we may have a lot more problems other than site outages