Small Glitch Survey

Hey everyone!

Here is a quick unofficial survey about Glitch I wanted to share, I am curious to see what you say! I will release the results in the next few days.

Looks like you made it via a school/workplace email address where forms can’t be shared outside.

Ack! I’m using my email. Give me a second to fix this.

Fixed! Try it out now.

Do you have G Suite on your email address? This should only pop up if it’s using G Suite

Yes, I use Gsuite.

Done. :slight_smile:
Would be nice if you could share the results. I assume it doesn’t record emails, etc.

I have it set to not record emails, which is the default I belive.

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Just finished it.

20 characters.

Done :white_check_mark:

Just want to say this publicly
I am a paid member, and I have been VERY dissatisfied with Glitch’s inability to keep my projects up recently, I regret buying a year and I cannot currently recommend Glitch to anybody.

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What specifically are you dissatisfied with?

I’m sure Glitch will happily refund you if you email them at, however I recommend waiting around a month before asking for the refund.


Also, I did this - hopefully we can see the results :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, what are you going to use the data for?

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I’m just curious I suppose.

Maybe I can look into chart.js and make something cool with it.


Sounds like a cool challenge, good luck!


Can you make it so it shows responses after you submit your responses or are you going to release the results later?

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