Smarter storage functionality

I understand that the enforcement of a folder size limit is needed to distribute resources evenly, but I feel we are being further limited by having the node_modules count towards the final size (soft limits should still occur in my suggestion)

I believe the project size should be determined by the total size of the collection of files within a folder, not said files dependances.

It seems unfair to penalise me for including a package that is large in size I believe the node_modules folder should be excluded from the scans considering the average user will only be able to access it through terminal anyway, file explorer hides it to make workstation cleaner.

Other methods can be done like count limiting to a certain amount of modules or work with runkit to provide them through a stateless service.

Hi :slight_smile:

we are already working to remove the limitation on node_modules size :slight_smile: it will be available soon for everyone!

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That’s awesome, good to see the project being actively improved.
While you guys are working on getting exclusions for node_modules, could the service provide a paid tier for reductions in the rest of the limitations set on the platform, like the individual filesize limit for files (does help me keep my scripts distributed more proficiently) but is still a limitation I want reduced.

removing the limitation on file size is another thing that will be released soon :slight_smile: happy to see that the features we will be introducing are what our users expect :slight_smile: