Snekfetc Module Does Not Load. It gives an error. emergency aid!

My bot made a mistake.

I tried to install the snekfetch module.

This happened.Could you help ?. My Boot Won’t Open.

My projects : Corwin.Glitch.Me

Try using

pnpm install snekfetch

But you should use the module node-fetch because snekfetch is deprecated

Before trying any manual workarounds for npm or pnpm I suggest running enable-pnpm in the console. That’s often enough to fix any installation errors.

If that doesn’t resolve things, please provide your project name and someone can take a closer look.


Use enable-pnpm first.

Anyway I recommend you to use node-fetch module. It is pretty easy to use

const fetch = require('node-fetch');

const api = ``;

fetch(api).then(res => res.json())
	.then(json => {
	}).catch(err => {
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@cori , @ElBort Thanks You. Problem Solved. :100: