So I used glitch for my ludum dare entry

I used Glitch for my Ludum Dare entry, “Pick up space toys”, and I would like to share my feedback from this “serious” use. Overall it was awesome, I loved not having to worry about hosting and having my changes reflected instantly.

I’m also happy that glitch was able to shoulder the load from the event with no issues. Granted, it probably wasn’t particularly large: I got around 35 reviews, so probably roughly this number of players.

I don’t think anyone remixed my game (is there a way to check?), but making it possible was one of my reasons for choosing Glitch.

Among the things that could be improved: copying data to the “assets” is a major pain, with lots of clicking and typing. Ideally I’d have wanted some way to upload in bulk, and their either my filenames be kept as-is, or at least some nice tabular list I can import.

The other issue was cursor position. While the web editor is decent (and I quite like the multiple selection), somehow when I leave a file and then come back to it, the cursor and scroll positions weren’t where I left them. This gets annoying.

Finally when I came back to the project today I got a “can’t find out-of-space” error, which was super scary. After I tried a second time it found the project, but this doesn’t inspire confidence. Kind of like how my other project didn’t seem to work anymore, it just got stuck on “Starting” (going to the editor, I could see it was a bug in my code. But it’s weird that it looks like it can’t start, when really it started just fine, and crashed immediately after).

I think my top feature request would be a sync to github that doesn’t require me to give Glitch blanket permissions to all of my Github projects (that’s not going to happen, I have work projects on there).

So overall it was a good experience, but I’m feeling a little bit worried.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to let us know your experience with Glitch. I’ll address a couple of your points:

I don’t think anyone remixed my game (is there a way to check?)

We don’t yet make project analytics available to individual users. They are however available for teams as part of a paid plan.

copying data to the “assets” is a major pain

Agreed, this is definitely an area we want to improve in the future.

The other issue was cursor position

This is the current expected functionality, but we probably should make it scroll. We have plans to revisit the editor functionality, so we’ll look into this then.

I got a “can’t find out-of-space” error,

When did this error occur - when viewing the app or when trying to view the project in the editor?

my top feature request would be a sync to github that doesn’t require me to give Glitch blanket permissions

This is out of our hands, unfortunately, as GitHub don’t currently provide per-repo permissions.

Hi Gareth, thank you for your kind reply!

To answer your question, the “can’t find out-of-space” error was when I was trying to view it in the editor. It worked fine the next time so perhaps it was some sort of weird transient issue.

It’s too bad you can’t do the a la carte GitHub sync. But then again, it doesn’t need to be github. How about some way to git push our project code to Glitch directly? After all, git is meant to be a distributed source control system, so it should be fine even if we push the same code to both Glitch and GitHub.

Glitch projects are also a git repo, see this detailed response about using Git and Glitch together: Code locally, push to glitch via git?