So, i want to make an activity page for kids, and i want to make a story-righter activity. Anybody think they can help?

hi, I’m wtsaas511! and I make random websites for fun!
I also need a sign-up and login feature.

Hello and welcome to Glitch! We don’t spoonfed, but we can answer questions.


ok. I will try to do that! (I use HTML)


Hello and welcome to the forums! I greatly encourage you to learn server-side coding (PHP or Node.js) to make a sign-in feature.


Do you know of how to code in node or php? @dah-guy

I know a bit of PHP and some node.js. PHP is easy to learn and use, as they have lots of functions.

Node.js is a bit harder to learn.

In the end, Rust and C++ are the fastest web frameworks but they are also very hard.

If you want become a noob at C, then become a pro, then become a noob at C++ basically, as C++ was a remixed version of C

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become a noob and become pro duh

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Yeah, using CGI in 2020 probably isn’t the greatest idea.

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what is CGI? I thought that was computer generated imagery.

You can also use Adobe ColdFusion or Active Server Pages.

Thats probably not a good idea too haha

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If you want to use ASP you should probably look into dotnet:

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Lol, this has to be a joke

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no m8 it’s not

referring to adobe coldfusion lol

I think alt is serious. But, you can always use Flash.

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