Socket Hang Up Error

Hi Developers, so I create a class called onShout. It fires when a group shout is fired from ROBLOX group. The code works fine, but after a certain amount of time, it gives and error socket hang up. How do I fix this problems?


const rbx = require('noblox.js');
module.exports = class OnShout {
    constructor(bot,config) {
        let onShout = rbx.onShout(Number(;
        onShout.on('data', function(post) {
            if (post.body && post.body.length !== 0) {
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It could be on Roblox’s side.

could u elaborate?

Maybe Roblox’s APIs could not be working as intended at the moment.

I am not exactly sure but, I think on shout works like a loop. it will check every now and then if the shout changed.

It means that after 5 minutes Glitch projects shut off, therefore closing your connection. If you’re trying to run a bot, move to repl with uptimerobot. Ideally we need Glitch’s smooth editor on Repl’s hosting.

I am running the program locally.

That’s strange then

is there anyway stop this loop?

it seems to be a discord.js error. I had this error before. I solved it by just restarting the project. You can also, remix the project and see if that stops it.

It is caused by Glitch closing the connection to Discord.

I hosted it locally

Oh, then check to see if your firewall or ISP is blocking the request.

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They like to do that sometimes.

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And if you have Comcast. You may need admin.They release a new feature in early 2020 where they would block request going to your devices. It blocked Glitch’s CDN for some reason, but when I disabled it, it fixed everything.

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Disabling Advanced Protection worked for me. It’s located here.

Xfinity (Comcast) is designed for non tech savvy people.


Even Xfinity Business is like that. They are not thinking about all the people who use their internet for developing.


If you live in the us, there are not many more options. Internet is kind of a monopoly here.


I found another solution I just use SetInterval(), can manually invoke the event. So it checks for every 10 minutes