Socket hung up and high latency

I’m experiencing high Latency and socket hung up errors is this due to glitchs current outage?

Hi @KyleBurnip

Issues related to the outage should be resolved now. Are you still receiving these errors? If so, would you mind sharing the name of the project where this is happening? That way, we can take a closer look.

Yes it is very high ping

Could be where your connecting from. Glitch projects currently run in AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 containers in the us-east region. This could be why.

I also sometimes receive a high ping connecting to Glitch projects (I’m in the UK):

but thats the problem of not living next-door to an amazon datacentre lol

If you could send results of a ping test to a random Glitch project + the country you’re testing from that may help. Side note: if your using a VPN that could be the reason why you have such high ping