[solved]503 error and exit code 0 in 'Logs'

Hi there.

I have searched for and read everything in this discourse about this error, and have tried all the tips and hints (small edit to package.json, wait 3 minutes etc…), but I can’t shake this error.

My app was running fine locally, but it’s unresponsive here.

My app is at https://cat-swoop.hyperdev.space

You need to add the line "start": "node server.js", to your package.json to kick off your program. But other than a problem with some of your formatting in index.pug, and your URL verifying regex, it works - https://hyperdev.com/#!/project/love-stone

Great @Gareth, thanks… That’s weird with what’s happening with the request.

Yeah, I’m too dumb to be able to spot any issues in the regex, but if you think it’s fine and should be working, then I can find out whether it’s something we’re doing that’s causing the problem with it.

@Gareth The regex was working fine locally, I have noticed something about the request to my api. I will open a different topic as it will diverge from the OP.