[solved] A specific project name will break the app, but anything different won't

I have this project: rateme. It’s a basic Flask application and uses Flask-HTTPAuth to authenticate users. Users can log in with any username and one universal password (in this project ‘x’ is the password, stored in .env as SECRET). The strange thing I noticed is when I set the project name ‘rateme’ it will ask me to authenticate twice, but if I set the project name to anything different it does not happen (adding a dash to make ‘rate-me’ works perfectly). Another thing is that it only happens on desktop (Firefox/Chromium), but it does not affect mobile browsers (Safari/Firefox). I don’t know what’s happening. I’m not using this name at all in the project except the html title.
Yeah, I’ve spent like 2 hours debugging until I noticed.

Try using a private/incognito window - does it still happen? If that fixes it, it could be caused by some extra data stored by your browser.


I tried both Firefox and Chromium in private browsing (even safe mode), but the problem is still there. However in a fresh install of Firefox Dev edition it works properly. I still don’t know what is it, but I will mark it as solved, thanks for your time!