[SOLVED] Any way to reduce puppeteer memory usage


Hello peoples, i want to know if there’s any method to reduce puppeteer memory usage because my project mem usage increase to 480mb in 20 minutes, I’m closing the browser instance after using it and this don’t help…
Thanks in advance.


i would recommend zombiejs if you really need scraping.
although puppeteer’s syntax is a tad bit nicer, zombie will also do every job you throw at it at a way lower memory feast :slight_smile:
using it myself in multiple node projects, you can checkout https://glitch.com/~masto-auth for example (using it to mitm logins).
Zombie also has await, so don’t get confused by the call-back only orientation you might get at it’s official documentation.

hope i could help you


I got it working, the problem was that the code was going to the catch block which i forgot to put a browser.close() i also checked some related issues on GH and the authors said that’s better launch one instance and work with that instead of launching one everytime the code runs since it’s a interval
but thanks!


glad you could resolve it and cool tip!