[SOLVED] Can I salvage this project that can't update because SQLITE_FULL?

I accidentally uploaded large photos to my remix of Ghost, on the project named ‘danielle’.

I’ve attempted to delete the images, posts, and even the project but I don’t think any of that is working while SQLITE is full. :see_no_evil:

Unhandled rejection Error: delete from “accesstokens” where “id” = 1 - SQLITE_FULL: database or disk is full
6:27 PM
at Error (native)

Is there a way I can avoid this when setting up Ghost on Glitch again?

Sure, I’ll take a look for you - if you respond to my DM with a join link for the project.

Ok, looks like you’re back in action.

As for avoiding this again - since you only get 128MB of space in a container on Glitch, and the Ghost app takes up most of that itself, you probably want to avoid putting any attachments of any real size on the blog itself. You can get Ghost to use a third-party storage solution, though it looks a little involved. The easiest thing would be to link directly to images hosted elsewhere, like on Imgur or something.

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Or upload the assets by dropping them in the editor and copying links to them from the Glitch Assets interface :slight_smile:

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