[SOLVED] Cannot access Project


since 9:00 or so, I cannot acces my project https://lake-chard.glitch.me . I get a 504 error.
I cannot access to the code to, I get the message “We are having trouble connecting, Try refreshing ?”.

I read that you had once some issue like this, so is it just a matter of time to wait ?
Or you can “restore” the project ?

The project is a bot facebook messenger, I have been notified by facebook that the webhook wasn’t answering.
So I hope it could be fixed soon :smiley:

Thanks !


Hello fmorel002,

one of our backend servers decided to go on vacation without notice (went down but our sanity checks didn’t trigger).

Everything should be back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


It’s week-end after all, it may take some good time… :smiley:

Thanks for all.