SOLVED: Can't make POST requests to other Glitch Projects

Hi, so I’m using the Request module to make a POST request to another glitch project for IP authorization. The issue (or what I believe it is) is Glitch thinks I’m trying to ping the project alive. I am guessing this, because when I use postman, the request works fine, but I get the HTML response when using Glitch. Is there a work around this or am I going to need to use a proxy server?

EDIT: Merged the 2 projects together.

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No workaround from what I know. Glitch may be able to lift it or something/give some leeway if you email them about it (


Thanks for the advice!

I have no idea if they will lift it for you but if anyone has the ability to help you in this situation, it will be them!

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I am sorry that our recent block on pinging services is preventing your project from posting a request to another project!

At this time, we are not making any exceptions to our rule on pinging projects regardless of the reason for the ping. If this changes, we will let you know!


That’s alright, I tried using repl but it got ping blocked too, so I was forced to merge them both together. Let me know if this changes.