[SOLVED]CSS not being loaded

CSS is not being loaded by HTML
in the dev tools > Network tab the file is being loaded but it doesnt apply.
project: horrorui.glitch.me

@r58iiz, I can see that the page is having styles, what are you expecting?

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Like @khalby786 said, your styles apply down for me. It could just be a local caching issue which your browser should resolve itself.

Also to note that I wouldn’t recommend having a Roblox exploit site hosted on Glitch as most AVs will catch the exploit as malicious (due to the nature of obfuscation, dll injection, etc). This could end to your exploit being suspended as it contains a link to a potentially malicious file download.


Thank you. I was practicing my backend with this. this is my friends project.
And how can i close/mark it as solved?

The post should say Solution at the bottom of it. You can just press that and it will mark the post as the solution.

No, he already marked my post as solution.