[SOLVED] Firebase Sign Up system wouldn't work

Hi! My Firebase Sign Up system won’t work! I have followed a tutorial to get here. Many people have the same errors and I have tried many of the troubleshooting ideas in the comments. None of them worked so I have turned to the glitch support form. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpOBwg0jdGk&ab_channel={RhymBil})

I don’t know if it’s something to do with the set up of Firebase or if I’m calling it wrong. If you would like to do a screen share on discord my username is Scudworth 3.0#1222 so I can understand where it goes wrong and possibly get a solution.

It looks like your code has some errors. Can you send a screenshot of the logs?

Yes I will send a screenshot however nothing pops up?

Here is my screenshot of the code I used to call the “form.js” file

I have fixed the issue. Thanks for everyone’s help

Could you tell us the issue and the fix (to possibly help others?)

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I had set up Firebase incorrectly. I had not mentioned the variables to set it up

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It couldn’t help others if you just had it set up incorrectly. That being said, actually set it up with node.js and not client side js

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