[SOLVED] How to install pnpm modules without dependency errors(Or how to install riot-cli safely)

I’m using Glitch with npm, not pnpm. Because, when I change my module system into pnpm, some module’s dependencies are broken (for example, riot-cli).
What I tried is:

rm -rf node_modules

then pnpm install runs automatically and the problem happens.

I know that pnpm is faster and smarter than npm, but this problem makes me kinda hesitant.
How can I solve the dependency problem?

My project URL is here: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/cuddly-shame

Sorry about that - we’re going to deploy a fix that should help with this.

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Thank you for your reply, @Gareth.
Do you think that this problem actually has a chance to resolve?

We’ve deployed some changes but we’re still seeing the issue with riot-cli, so we’ll work with the pnpm maintainers to try and resolve.

On closer inspection, @etamponi found an issue in Riot’s package.json file so he’s filed an issue for them to resolve. Follow https://github.com/riot/riot/issues/2610 for updates.

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I checked that riot was updated to 3.11.1 now. I tried to install by pnpm and succeeded.
It works very well!

Thank you all very much.

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