Some project .env files reset

tl;dr: if your project’s .env file has recently been wiped, let us know your project name and we will restore it

Hey folks, we made a change a little before 21:00 (9 PM) UTC on 2019-06-27 (yesterday) that caused the content of some .env files to be deleted when the project’s Editor was accessed. We deployed a fix for the problem at around 16:15 (4:15 PM) UTC on 2019-06-28, but any project that was accessed in the Glitch Editor between those times may have been affected and had its .env file wiped.

We can’t tell for certain what projects have been negatively impacted by this change except on a project by project basis. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will help restore the .env content for any affected project when requested (this will entail Glitch staff retrieving the last correct backup of your .env file and manually restoring that content in your project’s .env file). If you’ve been adversely affected by this problem please let us know your project name below and we will restore your .env file’s contents as soon as we can.

Once again we apologize for the issue and will help get your project back in running order as soon as possible.


super-hiro and gamecentral-bot still need the env files fixed
take your time please :smiley:

project name: twee-image

blc-bots-3601 missing .env

incredible-wall missing .env

Hey @mxicat, I looked at the oldest backups we have from this project and the oldest one is just from earlier today so is missing any .env file there may have been in there. At this point I imagine it’s unlikely for many projects with .env files reset that still have copies of them in their backups, since this was quite a while ago now.

Sorry for the bother!

My project name is skillful-merciful-calf. Thanks in advance